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Bhune Tamatar Ki Chutney

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Chef: Aanal Kotak

  • Recipe Servings: 4

  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes

  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes

Ingredients of Bhune Tamatar Ki Chutney

  1. 2 - 3 medium-size tomato

  2. 2 green chili

  3. 2 - 3 garlic cloves

  4. half a bunch of corinader, roughly chopped

  5. 1 tbsp mustard oil (sarson oil)

  6. Salt to taste

How to Make Bhune Tamatar Ki Chutney

  1. Rinse the tomato and green chili in water. Pat dry with kitchen towel.

  2. To roast the tomato and chili you can keep them directly over the flame or use a wire mash.

  3. Roast the vegetables till they get charred marks. Keep on rotating them while roasting to get evenly cooked.

  4. Chili takes less time than tomatoes to get roasted. Remove the chilies as soon they get charred.

  5. Once roasted, roughly chop the tomato and chili.

  6. Blend together roasted tomato, chili and other ingredients together.

  7. You can either blend it to a smooth puree or keep it coarse in texture.

  8. It is always best to keep this chutney a bit chunky in texture.

  9. Taste and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

  10. Transfer to a clean jar and store in the fridge or serve immediately.

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