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Aanal Kotak’s Akshada - The Essence of Gujarati Kitchen is not merely a fine dine restaurant or typical Gujarati Thali restaurant. Akshada is a one place where people indulge in the recipes that are not only unique or rare but completely forgotten and tampered in the industry. Every dish on the menu of Akshada has deep roots in traditional recipes passed down with love from generation to generation in various Families across the state.
The kitchen has always been somewhat of a sacred place for me for as long as I can remember, it’s where our story began, from our own Rasoi at home. - says Chef Aanal Kotak.

She adds,
My initial knowledge and love for traditional Gujarati food comes from my mother and grandmother. Whilst they cooked together, I would learn the stories behind each of the precious recipes that they had carried with them across generations. They would recite which part of their lives influenced certain dishes, which ancestors may have dared to corrupt recipes with the wrong spices, and how each dish related to our family. I have also travelled across Gujarat and learnt many recipes from magicians of home kitchens. I call every mothers and grandmothers magicians because they truly bring such magic to the plate that is impossible to translate in any restaurant by any chef. Each dish they make is out of pure love & affection. What I learnt is the core ingredient of their dish isn't any spice, it is their love that do the magic!

At Akshada, we try to do humble & honest effort to cook same recipes for our guests. We may not reach up to that magic 100% but we definitely don’t miss out on the most important ingredient of every recipe - pure love!

At Akshada, we take pride to say, our every dishes are not sweet and Gujarati Food is not always sweet! There’s myth in the world that Gujarati Food means sweet. Many people don’t know that the spiciest cuisine is also from a part of Gujarat. Recipes from the region of Gujarat, Saurashtra are the spiciest dishes in India.

Akshada, not only try to revive old recipes of the state but also treat you with authentic & honest recipes. The food isn't just sweet. The food isn't just typical thali. The food isn't just same recipes you have everywhere else…..Akshada stands out like no one.

The atmosphere is created keeping in mind the concept of Akshada. The ancient recipes, rustic old charming interior, beautifully curated menu……everything crafted just for our guests - with pure love, nothing else!

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Location & Hours


T. +91 98258 97897
Lunch hours - 12.30 pm to 3 pm
Dinner hours - 7.30 pm to 11 pm
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